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CENTA corporate values and compliance guidelines

CENTAs Corporate Philosophy is based on four general corporate principles:

1. Customer Satisfaction

Our main target is to keep our customer satisfied with high quality products and services, as well as continuous customer orientation, involving all staff members by their individual performance. Developing customized products our processes are client oriented, giving a substantive position to our Quality Management, which is certified according to DIN ISO 9001. Documented in our Quality Manual our Quality Policy is not only familiar to our employees but also to our suppliers. Moreover, by Continuous Improvement Processes, sensitizing the commitment and motivation of our employees in all areas, the quality of our products and services is consistently increased.

2. Employees Satisfaction
The satisfaction of our employees is a permanent challenge for our General Management and our Management. As a family business CENTA defines itself by family values for its staff. Human resources are not only an important asset of our company, but primarily rather human beings. Consequentially our cooperation is based on mutual give and take, with a high esteem for our staff members. A mutual fair and open approach is a solid ground for our Corporate Culture. To assure this we have defined a clear conduct code for a fair and respectful interaction not only internally, but as well with third parties.

Our working place conditions are permanently improved in terms of health and ergonomics, hazardous materials are reduced to the state of the art minimum. CENTA stands as an example for occupational safety and prevention of health.

3. Protection of the Environment

Striving for a maximum possible protection of the environment, for our employees, neighborhood, business partners and the global environment, including our descendants, our environmental policy is one of our basic principles. As a matter of fact our Environmental Management is certified according DIN ISO 14001. Set out in our Environmental Management Manual, our policy is well known by our employees. By continuous improvement process the quality of our products and processes are permanently increased as well as the environmental awareness of all staff members. In the frame of the Environmental Management System according to DIN ISO 50001 the following Energy Policy is implemented:

CENTA Energy Policy:
With this Energy Policy CENTA is obliged to comply with all relevant laws and regulations and to continuously and sustainably reduce the energy consumption, as well as the related CO2-emission, especially in all main and auxiliary production areas (main energy consumers), established on the energy targets, which are annually defined by the executive Management on basis of consumption and production data from the past and the efficiency of taken actions.
Moreover, CENTA commits to ascertain and implement all energy laws and additional regulations in terms of energy use, -efficiency and -consumption.

The realization of above mentioned targets is implied by a complete Energy Management System, which:
continuously measures and monitors the energy consumption
regularly records, checks and communicates significant energy aspects
registers and updates the energy flow
permanently monitors, evaluates and improves processes and activities in terms of their energy efficiency
plans and implements energy saving measures
records, analyzes and evaluates the results of such energy saving measures on a regular basis
provides resources and information by the Management in order to reach the energy targets

In order to achieve the implementation of our Energy Policy CENTA depends on the cooperation of all staff members and services. Thus our staff is completely aware and involved in our Energy Management System. Our Energy Management System focuses on all areas and all processes to ensure continuous improvement of our energetic performance.

4. Sustainability
By consistent compliance to our principles, as set out in 1-3 in all relevant areas, we achieve sustainability, such as long term customer retention and fruitful cooperation, allowing us a maximum client orientation. Moreover, long term cooperation with our suppliers ensures high grade quality.

Last but not least, long term staff retention with fluctuation < 1% increases our know-how, the quality of performance and simultaneously their satisfaction and team spirit, while health protection ensures the health of our staff members.

By high quality products with long service life on the one hand, and ecological compatibility of the materials on the other hand we contribute to sustainability in terms of protection of the environment.

In addition to our four corporate targets, CENTA - as worldwide active company with subsidiaries and agencies - is committed to all applicable and valid rules and laws of conduct. According to DIN ISO 26000:2010 we are aware of our social responsibilty and presuppose the same commitment of our partners. In addition we are aware of our local social commitment, regularly supporting local social projects.

Human Rights:

CENTA explicitly respects and supports the internationally recognized human rights and their compliance.

Child Labor and Forced Labor

CENTA explicitly refuses child and forced labor and complies with all applicable laws in regard to the prohibition of child and forced labor.

Equality and Anti-Discrimination:

CENTA will not tolerate any form of discrimination, based on racial and ethnic origin, gender, religion, ideology, disability, age or sexual identity.

Freedom of Assembly

We explicitly respect all applicable laws in terms of the freedom of assembly and stand for the appropriate rights of our employees and partners.


Human security has a significant meaning for us. Consequentially occupational safety and staff qualification to that effect are of high priority.

Occupational Safety and Protection of Health:

For consistent occupational safety and the protection of health, we support our employees directly by providing a safe working environment as well as indirectly by prevention in terms of fitness and health programs.

Working- and Employment Conditions:

In terms of social insurances we strictly comply with all applicable laws and agreements. Wages and salaries for our employees are paid according to ERA tariffs, while for our partners we presuppose that their wages and salaries at least equal to the applicable statutory minimum wages.

Data Protection:

In terms of the applicable data protection laws we rigorously fulfill the requirements, ensured by an independent external data protection commissioner.

Compliance with applicable Anti-Corruption Law

Preliminary Note:

Alongside the issues set out in the CENTA philosophy, our moral code of practice also encompasses an intolerance of corruption, either through active bribery in respect of public officials or individuals in the private sector, or passive through bribability, the acceptance of benefits or kickback payments.

Our aim must be for our company to succeed by virtue of its quality and integrity. The discovery and consequent criminal prosecution of bribery can place the survival of CENTA at risk, as well as resulting in personal criminal liability on the part of the General Management and the individual staff member involved.

Bribe payments are not tax deductible and are reported by the tax authorities to the law enforcement agencies for prosecution. Cases of bribery abroad are also treated at home as the aiding and abetting of corruption. This applies both to the bribery of public officials and to individuals in the private sector. There is no protection against double jeopardy in cases where an act of corruption is prosecuted at home and abroad.

Consequently, we do not tolerate corruption whatsoever on any level of the CENTA Group. In order to protect CENTA, every employee is obliged to play a role in preventing and combating corruption.

Controlling is authorized to undertake suitable controls in order to prevent and combat corruption. Infringements will be vigorously pursued.

If you have questions regarding the content and interpretation of this guideline, please take up the matter with the General Management or with the Compliance Officer Mrs. Schneider.

Legal principles

Admissible gratuities - private industry

The following fiscally and legally admissible gratuities may be made to individuals from private industry:

a) Payment of hotel costs for our visitors

b) Hospitality/business meals with our visitors on our or their premises

c) Gifts valued at no more than 35,- on a non-recurring basis per person per year. It should be noted that these regulations apply to Germany and may differ in other countries. This applies particularly with respect to the value of gifts.

These gratuities are standard practice. They represent customary levels of courtesy in the private industrial sector and do not constitute bribery. However, there are some companies (customers) who prefer not to accept such gratuities. In these cases, even these basic courtesies should not be offered.

In order to ensure compliance with the regulation regarding gifts, any gifts made must be listed together with their value and the name and company of the recipient. At CENTA, this is done in the Marketing Department.

Gratuities of any type to public officials are prohibited.

Corruption of public officials

Corruption of public officials is constituted by a public official demanding a benefit or a company member offering a benefit to a public official. In return for this benefit, the public official performs a correct official act or acts in breach of his or her official duty.

Corruption in private industry

This means that an employee gives preferential treatment in a business transaction to a third party over its competitors for a benefit because of inappropriate reasons. This can be practiced:

a) by either CENTA in its dealings with a customer, in which case it is called bribery, or

b) by a supplier in its dealings with the company, in which case it is called bribability.

Breach of Trust

A breach of trust can be perpetrated by a person who is obliged to act in the financial interests of the company. Any person in the company who accepts a bribe and consequently concludes a contract which is less advantageous than another one, is in breach of trust against CENTA. Likewise, any person employing bribery jeopardizes the economic interests of the company.

Money Laundering

This encompasses business transactions through which illegal funds are used to make legal investments.

Tax Offences

Bribery, money donations or gratuities in kind of all descriptions which exceed the value limits specified under 1) are not tax deductible and are deemed to constitute tax evasion.


Sanctions under criminal law include imprisonment and fines for perpetrators, and in case of administrative offences, fines for the company and civil pursuit of compensation by the company against employees involved.

a) Employment sanctions
e.g. warning, dismissal

b) Other sanctions:
Corruption also jeopardizes export financing by the banks (e.g. Hermes cover).

c) Criminal prosecution abroad, in particular in the USA in accordance with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).

In this connection, for example, Siemens was recently sentenced to pay a 1 billion US dollar fine. This can also apply to acts of corruption perpetrated outside the USA if the company in question as is the case with CENTA does business with the USA and/or has an own location there.

Strategies against Corruption


a) Sample contracts
The use of sample contracts for consultants is mandatory. This ensures transparent processing of business transactions with consultants. In case of questions about such contracts or when concluding consultant or mediator contracts, please contact the General Management.

b) Checklists for the selection of consultants/agents

- No pseudo addresses in exotic countries
- No account details about numbered accounts and/or accounts in money laundering countries
- No family relations with high-ranking persons from the respective country

c) Blacklists of people known to be corrupt or who could constitute a risk.

Payment transactions

Points to check:

a) Negative list of countries for payment transactions (e.g. Cayman Islands, Jersey, Guernsey, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, etc.) in particular if

b) The country of payment differs from the country of receipt.

c) Cash payments/transfers to numbered accounts are inadmissible.

In case of uncertainty, the General Management or Compliance Officer must be consulted.

Adherence to this guideline is checked by Controlling.


CENTA exclusively gives voluntary donations and sponsoring and without accepting any compensation or economic advantage.


We comply with all applicable regulations in terms of the Competition Law. Moreover, we will not get involved in illegal agreements contrary to the applicable Anti-Trust-Law.

Export Control

In order to contribute to combating global terrorism, we comply with all applicable legal requirements of Export- and Import Laws, secured by an appointed export control representative.

These provisions shall also apply to all subsidiaries of the CENTA Group.


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