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ISO 9001 + 14001

Quality + Environment

Quality policies

Providing customer satisfaction is one of our foremost corporate principles. We strive to achieve this goal through innovations responding to market needs and with superior quality in our products and services. It is always the customer who defines the yardstick for quality.

We ensure careful and conscientious planning, steering and monitoring for all activities rele-vant to quality and to product safety and reliability.

Since 1989 our Quality Management System has been certified to DIN/ISO 9001 by several international classification agencies while 50 design approvals, in a wide variety of classes, have been awarded to CENTA marine products.

Using our own test beds we can carry out extensive testing on every new development, at forces of up to 750 kNm; these procedures are employed to ascertain technical data exactly.

We have installed a continuous improvement program to promote ongoing enhancement of product and service quality at all levels.

In this way we comply with requirements put forward in the form of customer specifications, government codes and other regulations.

Over and above that, the CENTA Antriebe Kirschey GmbH is fully committed to environ-mental protection, having implemented policies set down in the ISO 14001 standard.

Environment policies

Environment principles

We, the CENTA Antriebe Kirschey GmbH, regard the natural wealth of our environment as the basis for our business activities. Our products contribute to utilizing natural resources sparingly and in a manner which conserves energy.

All our actions are to contribute to preserving the natural foundation for life and living, thus helping to protect our environment against harmful emissions. This implies, among other things, frugal and environment-friendly use of the materials we employ. We also see this as something we owe to our employees, their families, our business associates and neighbours.

One principle applied in managing our business in the spirit of sustainable development is the primacy of environment protection as a corporate objective when defining future key areas in our company's goals, to the extent that this is economically justifiable. Environment-relevant aspects are thus integrated into decision-making and operative structures throughout our management system. Protecting the environment is deemed to be a key management task. Supervisors are to serve as a positive role model while at the same time assuming responsibility for line operations. Integrated environment protection demands that all employees act in full cognizance of their responsibility.

When planning and introducing new processes we adopt state-of-the art technology, in so far as this is logical, efficient and economically feasible. The Environment Management System and appropriate programs and projects have been installed to achieve continuous improvement in the environmental quality of our operations. The company pledges to comply with all the regulations in environmental law and to follow other, more comprehensive recommendations. We work together with government agencies, other companies and the public - openly and in an atmosphere of mutual confidence - in questions of environment protection.

Conserving energy

The goal is to reduce energy consumption and examine options for tapping renewable energy sources and using low-emission energy supplies.

Waste avoidance

The goal is systematic avoidance and reduction of polluting materials throughout the company, all along the chain from purchasing to disposal. Environment compatibility is taken fully into consideration when purchasing raw materials, operating media and auxiliaries and in development work, as well.

Frank and open design of information policies

We inform the general public, our employees and/or our suppliers about company activities relevant to the environment whenever it may become necessary. Our customers are to receive information on the ecological aspects of our products in conjunction with their handling, use, recycling and disposal.

Fostering employee interest in ecology

Environment protection is a fixed topic in our training programs. We inform our employees about our firm's environment activities and motivate them, in the context of their own work, to assume personal responsibility and to embrace environmental awareness at their workplaces.

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DNV-GL ISO 9001 certificate
International · 149 kB
DNV-GL ISO 9001 Zertifikat
German · 151 kB
DNV-GL ISO 14001 certificate
International · 131 kB
DNV-GL ISO 14001 Zertifikat
German · 133 kB

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